France's would-be presidents rally in Paris days before vote

Oceane Deschanel
Abril 18, 2017

As France's unpredictable presidential campaign nears its finish with no clear front-runner, centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen hope to rally big crowds in Paris with their rival visions for Europe's future.

The two frontrunners in France's presidential election have staged rival rallies to win over undecided voters, a week before the first round of voting.

Toward the end of his show, Oliver indicated that he wished to appeal to the French's "innate sense of superiority over the US and Britain", which he indicated is not "entirely misplaced", particularly in light of America's election of Donald Trump and Britain's decision to exit the European Union. Oliver said he believes Le Pen is the most interesting figure, partly because of her father's anti-Semitic history. "Marine Le Pen is a monstrous, demagogic asshole", he explained in the language of Voltaire.

The founder of "La France Insoumise" ("Unbowed France") plans another form of multiple appearances on Tuesday, where he will hold a rally in central Dijon while his hologram will speak for him in six other cities. After Brexit previous year, there has been a spread of far-right nationalism in Europe, and France's potential departure from the European Union could dismantle the decades-long pact. "But "people are coming to take my wallpaper" is something a insane person says", Oliver said. Homan, who worked overnight for Brexit and the USA election, has no similar plans yet for the first round of the French vote.

Populists elsewhere in Europe have had mixed success in elections since November. "I surprised them once in the primary, we will surprise them a second time at the end of the week".

Scott Thiel, deputy chief investment officer for global fundamental fixed income at BlackRock Inc., the world's biggest money manager, favors hedging potential euro losses on a Le Pen victory by buying put options, he said at a press briefing in London on March 29.

Jimmy Fallon Joins Alec Baldwin for SNL Trump Impersonation
As he wrapped up his White House briefing, Spicer got into a auto the shape of a cracked egg and then plowed into the lectern. Word has been that Bannon's nationalism wasn't jibing with the idealogies of others close to Trump, like Kushner.

Le Pen, who is now running a campaign on an anti-immigrant and protectionist platform, openly criticized the pope's stance on migrants.

A protest is also expected in the southern port of Marseille on Wednesday where Le Pen plans another large rally.

Le Pen distanced herself from Trump after the USA missile strikes on Syria earlier this month, angry that he is trying to be "the world's policeman". She wants to pull France out of its command structure and sees the alliance as an unnecessary threat to Russian Federation now that the Soviet Union is defunct.

"You in France love nothing more than acting like you're better than Britain and America".

Le Pen's electorate is not an exact mirror of Trump's, though they both attract support from "white people whose social standing has fallen", Riviere said.

Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, enjoying a late poll surge, is campaigning on a barge Monday floating through the canals of Paris. "This presidential term will be something we have never seen before".

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