Raiders' Derek Carr 'ready to rock' in return from leg injury

Vincent De Villiers
Abril 18, 2017

"You're talking about one of the most physical guys I've played against, running back-wise". It's exciting for our organization and for fans who are Raiders fans in Nevada and stuff like that.

"I did absolutely everything I could to make sure I came back better, like Kobe (Bryant) said, Come back better than ever".

"Just knowing the type of player he is, he would be a good addition for us".

"We're a family, so we're just trying to figure all of that out", Carr said. "But at the same time we have our fans here that we need to take care of and that's really important to me, to take care of our fans here, to make sure that we enjoy our last time, whether it's two years, three years, who knows".

"We're not going to split up like you've seen other cities do", Carr said. "I'm with ya, I hurt too, but at the same time we're all in this together and we're just gonna do it together". Earlier this month, Carr made a foray into Las Vegas as a presenter at the Academy of Country Music Awards. We let them know where we're at, what we're trying to do.

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They recently shared their thoughts on the ideal picks in the first two rounds for every National Football League team, and for the Raiders, they selected a potentially explosive duo that could both elevate the team in the short-term while also helping them in the long run. But to say those who aren't onboard with this are not "true Raiders fans" is a shocking level of callousness from a guy who has said a few times he feels the pain of fans in Oakland. "We aren't going to change who we are". Of course, anyone would want Marshawn Lynch.

- The next big thing on the Raiders agenda is getting Carr locked up to a contract extension as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. That event - April 27-29 in Philadelphia - is quickly approaching and Carr confirmed that he and his agent, Tim Younger, have been in touch with Raider management.

Carr agreed that the numbers being talked out on a potential new contract are hard to fathom. It's not like some divide or anything. We'll let the draft happen. "But as soon as we add somebody, we'll open our arms and welcome him just like we did with all our family". Reggie said himself 'Wait till after the draft.' He told us that. "I remember playing against him, I believe, my second season. Because, once football, training camp starts, I won't even answer my phone if it has to do with that".

To have those people's longstanding fan loyalty put into question by a kid who just turned 26 and wasn't even a glimmer in his parents' eyes when these fans swallowed their pride the first time the Raiders moved is just...well I don't know what they would call that.

"I've broken a lot of things, I've torn a lot of muscles, I've torn a lot of ligaments", Carr said.

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