See What Your State Is Doing to Close the Gender Wage Gap

Judith Bessette
Abril 18, 2017

Small businesses across the country and the Bay Area will pass along the 20 percent discount on all purchases to all customers, men and women. Among women across all races and ethnicities, the hourly earnings still fall behind those of men, and the pay disparity is far greater among women of color.

A rally in Duluth attempted to raise awareness about the pay gap and find local solutions to the problem.

In Michigan a woman working full time will earn 74 cents for every dollar paid to a man.

The wage gap is even worse for black women who will lose $600,000 in comparison to men during their lifetime and a $750,000 loss for Latina women.

If the wage gap closed, The National Partnership of Women and Families says IL women could afford food for one and a half more years, almost seven more months of mortgage payments and almost a year of rent.

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Nationally, women who fold full-time, year-round jobs are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men. Statewide, that amount decreases to 77 cents.

She said observing Equal Pay Day is important because it gets people focused on the issue, bringing it to light. Ivanka Trump took to Twitter saying: "Equal Pay Day is a reminder that women deserve equal pay for equal work". "The realities experienced by working women do not reflect what exists on paper". In other words, because women earn less on average, they must work longer for the same pay. Now, Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In is teaming with companies across the country to speak out about the need for equal pay in the U.S.

The bill would establish a toll-free, anonymous equal-pay hotline operated by The Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

It took until April 4, 2017 for women in the United States to earn as much money as men had earned in 2016, if you start counting both at the beginning of past year.

Figures released by the Chartered Management Institute also found 14% of men in management roles were promoted into higher positions compared to 10% of women.

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