Family Tells Dying Man That Donald Trump Was Just Impeached…

Eloi Lecerf
Abril 19, 2017

Afterward, one of his friends took the phone "and told me that he had completely relaxed and taken his last breath, and he was gone", Teresa Elliott said. Maybe he was a diehard Deplorable and she knew just what would kill him.

Teresa Elliott, who lives in Texas, said she couldn't make it to OR in time.

"Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger", Mr Garland's obituary published on the local website, Oregon Live read. "He then took his final breath".

So on April 6, one of Michael Elliott's friends called her and told her that he was about to die. Though he had no family members, the Porsche enthusiast passed away surrounded by friends, neighbours and caregivers by his side.

Ms. Elliot proved to be instrumental in making her former husband's passing happier, by comforting him with a white lie.

Trump signs order to curb hiring abuses
Dubbed "Buy American and Hire American", the directive follows a series of recent Trump reversals on economic policies. Trump also promised to either replace or modify the current lottery-based selection process for H-1B visas.

Michael died from congestive heart failure, Teresa explained.

She described Michael as a "news junkie" who had expressed his disapproval of the President frequently until he couldn't communicate it verbally.

She adds: "He hated his effing guts". He moved to Long Beach, California after college, where he joined a semi-pro basketball team that toured the country.

Though the pair divorced 20 years ago, Teresa said she always cared for Michael and would visit him often.

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