Marine Le Pen blasted by Israel over Holocaust comments

Patrice Gainsbourg
Abril 19, 2017

"This recognition is the basis for remembrance day events that mark the anniversary of the Jewish expulsion from France as well as the study of the Holocaust in its education system", it added.

"Without a clever protectionism, we are going to watch jobs being destroyed one after another", she said.

"We would never allow this party, whose former leader (Le Pen's father Jean-Marie) demanded the death penalty for Corsican political prisoners, safe passage in our country".

Some 13,000 Jews were deported by French police on July 16 and 17 1942, many of whom were first holed up in harsh conditions at Vel d'Hiv, or the Winter Velodrome stadium, in Paris. The mass arrest was ordered by Germany and a majority of the Jews were deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

Other French presidential candidates and Israel's Foreign Ministry were quick to condemn Le Pen's remark.

With his rivals dominating the airwaves or holding meetings, beleaguered Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon was nowhere to be seen despite new polls showing support for him falling further into single figures.

Le Pen said she had "not voted for the text" in the European Parliament, but did not specify that she had only abstained.

He was convicted of contesting crimes against humanity.

Although Macron and Le Pen are expected to win the second round, a third of the electorate also told the pollsters that they could still change their vote.

Her telegenic niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen made a rare television appearance to deny reports of differences in the family, which led to speculation this week she might quit. She has instead targeted Muslims, voicing fears their civilization will upend that of France.

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France has long struggled to come to terms with its role under the collaborationist Vichy regime during World War Two.

De Gaulle oversaw the Resistance movement from London.

"The Vichy regime was not France", she said, adding however that this did not absolve those who participated in "the vile roundup of Vel d'Hiv and all the atrocities committed during that period".

"These dark hours soil forever our history and are an injury to our past and our traditions", Chirac said.

Her attempt to persuade voters that her party had reformed its views was hit last month, when one of its counselors was suspended over allegations of Holocaust denial, after he was caught on camera playing down the systematic murder of six million Jews.

The 11 candidates in France's presidential race are preparing to face off in a crucial debate Tuesday evening, less than three weeks before the first round of the election.

He said: "I want to eradicate the terrorist threat at its source". She asked French Jews make this "sacrifice". Macron is the front-runner in the two-round presidential election that will be held on April 23 and May 7.

This would mean both qualifying for the run-off scheduled for May 7, which polls suggest Macron would win comfortably - although analysts caution against firm predictions.

Ian Deitch in Jerusalem and Jeffrey Schaeffer in Paris contributed.

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