Georgia House race down to 2 candidates, plus Trump, Pelosi

Patrice Gainsbourg
Abril 20, 2017

Ossoff and Handel will campaign head-to-head for the next two months and the race is seen by many as a bellwether election with national implications. But the 55-year-old Handel, who was competing with 17 other Republicans, now finds herself there, too, especially after President Donald Trump, who has frequently tweeted about the race, lavished praise on her and called her to congratulate her.

In a major triumph for the Democratic Party, Jon Ossoff finished tonight at the top of a field of eleven Republican and four additional Democratic candidates.

Handel moved quickly to unite her fractured party, drawing immediate endorsements from some of her fellow GOP candidates and national party leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan. Republicans have controlled the seat for decades, but Trump only won it by one percentage point in last November's presidential election. Ossoff narrowly missed the needed 50 percent.

The Democratic establishment must also decide whether it continues to push for victory. He raised that enormous sum - an unprecedented quarterly amount in a congressional race - by positioning himself as a "make Trump furious" candidate who became a standard-bearer for the Trump resistance. "We were able to build a grass-roots organization of unprecedented intensity and scale in just a few months". "That way we can cut spending and get our economy back on track and keep America safe".

Republicans have made their own attempts at nationalizing the campaign. And Clinton carried Cobb County - a key population base of the district.

But Democrats say even without victories, the fact they're even competing in these races is proof they are poised for big things in next year's midterm elections, which will include easier districts than the ones they're now fighting over. "It showed the 6th District is a conservative district". "Force runoff and easy win!" They were connected with the field office director, according to Kleiman.

"I would hope so", Handel said on CNN. Federal law doesn't require him to live in the district to run for the seat.

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Weaver says his party would ban corporate, union and out-of-province donations, and place limits on individual contributions, too. The Liberals have promised $2.7-billion towards new hospitals over the next three years and 500 additional long-term care beds.

Handel is now on her third try. Republicans have already spent $4 million on ads attacking Ossoff, and many more millions could be on their way from GOP donors seeking to ensure the district remains Republican. Republicans hold a 237-193 majority in the House so Democrats would need to pick up more than 20 seats to retake control in the 2018 midterm, an uphill climb. So did U.S. Sen. In 2010, she was defeated in a governor's race by Nathan Deal.

"[The campaign] has been really responsive in terms of helping us help them", Kleiman said. "Accountability in government. And fresh leadership". He attracted young voters who want to challenge Trump by getting support from Hollywood celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Chelsea Handler and Alyssa Milano.

What is alarming for Republicans who can - or are willing - to do the math, is that Ossoff ran away with precincts that voted Trump in 2016 and for Romney in 2012.

Handel has treated Trump gingerly throughout, rarely mentioning him unless she's asked and even then cautioning she isn't a "rubber stamp" for anyone. Her 10-minute speech on Tuesday night didn't once invoke his name, and she stressed Wednesday that she was running as a "strong, independent-minded conservative". She said would work with Trump when it made sense for the district.

"He is the president of the United States of America. Of course I'll be seen with him", Handel said, adding: "The biggest opportunity for us in the race is having Republicans across the party being united and locking arms in the race". Ossoff is a supporter of the left-leaning lobby J Street and has received $56,000 through the group's PAC in the run-up to Tuesday's elections. GOP strategist Chip Lake said Ossoff "is in for the fight of his life".

"But it's a wake-up call for Republicans".

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