McDonald's order trips up Facebook slaying suspect

Patrice Gainsbourg
Abril 20, 2017

The suspected shooter, Steve Stephens, killed himself on Tuesday following a brief pursuit by Pennsylvania State Police officers.

The break in the case came when police received a tip that Stephens' vehicle was in the McDonald's parking lot in Erie, in the north-western corner of the state, about 160 kilometres east of Cleveland, authorities said.

At the Tuesday conference in California, Facebook founder and Dobbs Ferry native Mark Zuckerberg expressed his condolences to the family of a Cleveland man whose death was posted on the social media site on Easter.

The technology giant's chief executive said "our hearts go out to the friends and family" of Mr Godwin, who was shot dead by Steve Stephens in the United States city of Cleveland in Sunday in an apparent random killing.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson publicly urged Stephens to turn himself in to police and not to "do any more harm to anybody".

The man wanted in connection with a fatal shooting after video of the incident was posted on Facebook is dead following a brief pursuit in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Before placing his order, Ducharme said, Stephens had asked another employee who was on break behind the building for directions to the interstate.

Neighbor, Yvette Whatlow said she was scared for her grandbabies and anybody to be outside following the shooting. Godwin did not seem to recognize the name.

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"He was definitely one in a million", said another daughter, Debbie Godwin.

In a separate video, Stephens claimed to have killed more than a dozen other people. Now, Godwin's sister says those relatives will be coming to Cleveland for his funeral. The behavioral health agency where he worked said an extensive background check before he was hired turned up nothing worrisome.

She also said Stephens was "a nice guy" who was good to her and her children.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said he wishes the situation didn't end this way because police still have a lot of questions. Facebook said it removed the video 23 minutes after learning of it.

Federal partners were involved in the hunt for Stephens, and were stationed in Erie. When authorities tried to pull him over, he shot and killed himself.

Within a day, authorities expanded the search nationwide and offered a $US50,000 ($66,000) reward for information leading to his capture.

In interviews before Stephens' death, some of Godwin's relatives forgave his killer.

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