Els on the Masters: 'This tournament was just not for me'

Rebecca Barbier
Abril 21, 2017

It might have taken Sergio Garcia almost two decades of trying to get his arms in the legendary Augusta National Golf Club members' green jacket as Masters champion before he did on Sunday, but it took one enterprising private citizen just one bid to claim a jacket of his own this weekend. "Its internal tagging from Cullum's department store in Augusta unquestionably predates the Cullum's tags inside 1957 Champion Doug Ford's Green Jacket". Tournament officials authenticated the piece as a real Master's trophy jacket from the 1950s - one of the earliest in existence - but they refused to speculate as to which Masters champion may have originally won it. The bidding began on March 22 at $5,000. The internal tagging definitively dates the jacket to the early 1950s - one of the earliest green jackets in existence. Only one Canadian has ever won the PGA Masters tournament, Mike Weir, in 2003, and it's unclear if there are any others north of the border who belong to the exclusive club.

Standing in front of the course's massive manually operated scoreboard along the first fairway, 17-year-old Sanford Satcher said he could enjoy the tournament more without the pressure to document every moment. "I've won a lot of events around the world, but this one just eluded me and that's fine".

"That's the intrigue about this jacket", Carey said. But finding one in a Toronto thrift store: definitely weird. "If I'm going to finish 40th, I might as well stay home".

"The jacket itself revealed few clues". And there are others who had several jackets made throughout their lifetime as the pros changed in size, he said. He came agonisingly close but, like Greg Norman, before him he never got to slip the coveted green jacket over his shoulders. The Augusta National members and previous winners are forbidden from taking their jackets off the club's grounds. "It's the second time he's been my marker around here", he said. That's why jackets of that era are the ones most likely to turn up at auction.

"It's good for them", she said.

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As sad as it was for Roberto De Vincenzo, whose scorecard error kept him from playing off for the championship in 1968, a gut-wrenching heartbreak came Len Mattiace's way in 2003-a lamentable example of fate giving a competitor the back of its hand. "The whole mythology of it really has only been created in the last 30 to 40 years".

"... I do dust it off once a year to watch the Masters on TV while my wife rustles up a peach cobbler", Pedler wrote.

When the so-called "Thrift Store Green Jacket" was first discovered in 1994, the speculation was rampant. It was really one of the great battles in my career.

"My fiancee asked me, 'How are you going to tell time when you're out there?'" said Kevin Caskey of Chesterfield, South Carolina, shortly after arriving Saturday for his first Masters.

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