Microsoft touts Microsoft-customized edition of Samsung Galaxy S8

Patrice Gainsbourg
Abril 21, 2017

The new smartphone, which was unveiled earlier this week to great applause, is Samsung's first major release since the utter failure of the Galaxy Note 7, which combusted in people's pockets.

The Samsung Galaxy S8's extra security relies on the front camera to unlock the smartphone through face recognition.

After launching its new flagship smartphone in NY last week - the Galaxy S8 - users lucky enough to get their hands on the device have found a slight problem with its facial recognition security feature.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 honeymoon may be over quicker than we originally thought. One big feature that drives many a purchase is a phone's battery life, and we have some insider information on what we might expect from the iPhone 8. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ feature both facial recognition and iris scanning, but the video shows the facial recognition function being tricked by a photo.

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The company still faces fierce competition from local rivals such as Huawei Technologies Co's P10 and P10 Plus, which feature great picture-taking functions, he said. Although it takes a few attempts to gain access to the device, eventually it recognises the photo thinking it to be the user and the phone unlocks.

The facial recognition in the smartphone has proved to have lightening quick capabilities and the facial tracking features are able to instantly recognize the users face - the process seems to be much faster than fingerprint recognition. I had my suspicions that Samsung Facial Recognition wouldn't stand up to a simple photo test. So the Galaxy S8 has got the better edge when it comes to vibrant colors in the display. Other leaks suggested the phone will come in two variants: Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus and with three biometric recognition options; the iris scanner, the fingerprint scanner and the palm print.

We won't know for sure how well the Galaxy S8's facial recognition works until we've got our hands on one.

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