YouTube to make new original shows you can watch for free

Patrice Gainsbourg
Mai 7, 2017

In all, YouTube is watched by over 1 billion people worldwide, she said.

YouTube is planning a new slate of ad-supported original programming to start this year, the company announced at the NewFronts conference in NY on Thursday, May 4, The Verge says.

YouTube's mission at the annual Newfront presentations in NY, where online companies are introducing their latest initiatives this week, is to convince marketers to shift more ad money to the web from TV.

YouTube said the original shows will run on its primary platform and with commercials, a new format for the company, not on the ad-free subscription service introduced more than a year ago with shows featuring its homegrown stars.

By the way, no word yet on the title of Katy's album or when it will be released, but speculation is that the album is titled Witness.

DeGeneres, who hosts one of the most popular talk shows on TV, will take viewers behind the scenes of her program.

"They're not getting the incredible lift that comes from winning an Emmy, causing major celebrities to call you to see, 'What could we do together?'" McQuivey said.

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All of these shows will be ad-supported, a point underlined by YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl. But in 2016, it began to debut a slate of traditional-length original films and television shows on Red, which costs $10 per month. All of the shows, due later this year, will appear on YouTube.

I Am: Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato reveals a yearlong journey of music reinvention as she dives into the writing and recording of her new album.

Ludacris's Best.Cover.Ever.: A talent competition series hosted by Ludacris where emerging talent from across the globe submit covers to YouTube to vie for a chance to perform a duet with a superstar artist.

This includes Hollywood's biggest TV show star, Ellen Degeneres, who's now working on a twice-a-week series to give Internet users a behind-the-scenes look at star's life and their favorite moments.

This will be a win-win for advertisers and YouTube.

CEO Susan Wojcicki opened the Brandcast event by showing off the still-powerful, less-polished side of YouTube. "I'm here to say that we can and will do better", she said, adding that over the past several weeks its team has been working to amend its brand safety shortcomings.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube will invest hundreds of millions of dollars over the next year to produce more than 40 new original shows and further build out its YouTube Red service.

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