Pakistan opens Chaman border crossing on 'humanitarian grounds' after 22 days

Oceane Deschanel
Mai 28, 2017

Pakistan has reopened the Friendship (FS) gate in Chaman, reportedly on Saturday on Humanitarian grounds for Ramadan 2017.

The border at Chaman crossing in southwestern Balochistan province was closed on May 5 after cross-border firing broke out between the two neighbors and caused casualties on both sides.

The move comes on the first day of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan in Afghanistan.

In a statement the army said it had the area on its side of the frontier under control, "having pushed back Afghan Border police troops", adding that "no border violation will be acceptable".

Afghanistan had viewed some of the villages visited by the Pakistani census takers as within their territory, but the two countries later agreed to use Google Maps to help settle the dispute.

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"It has been agreed upon by Pakistan authorities that cease-fire shall continue to be maintained and no border violation will be acceptable", the statement said, adding that Pakistani troops will maintain their positions along the global border on the Pakistani side of the divided villages.

The officials of both Pakistan and Afghanistan have decided not to violate the ceasefire and will work to maintain the peace in the region.

Pakistan says the violence began when Afghan forces opened fire on census workers and troops escorting them.

Islamabad and Kabul are caught in a fresh verbal salvo as Pakistan's Inspector General Frontier Corps (FC) Major General Nadeem Ahmed earlier during the month claimed that Afghan forces targeted the civilian population, while Pakistan targeted their check-posts, leaving 50 Afghan troops dead and 100 others wounded.

Relations between the neighboring countries have been tense since April when eight Iranian border guards were killed in clashes with armed rebels in Sistan-Baluchistan province.

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