Apple is Introducing a New Way for Businesses to Offer Customer Service

Eloi Lecerf
Junho 8, 2017

However, with successful money transaction apps such as Venmo, Chase Quickpay, or even PayPal, looks like Apple chose to take their payment program one step further.

The Mac maker has added a new section to its developer site that details a feature called Business Chat that will make its way into iMessage.

Apple Pay continues to expand to new territories since launch, and integrating it into iMessage is one of the shrewdest decisions taken by Apple. And when you receive money, you can have it go directly onto an Apple Pay cash card.

Traditional banks and Square have been pushing their own money transfer services, too.

In March, Facebook FB entered this growing market as it announced its own way for users to easily send money via Facebook Messenger.

This could be a way to expand Apple Pay usage by introducing it to a new generation. It will work across Apple's devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but not the Mac.

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If you get money from someone, it gets stored on an Apple Pay Cash Card until you withdraw it or transfer it to someone else.

You might want to keep an eye on payment apps when iOS11 and Apple Pay's new features drop this fall; they're unlikely to be very happy with the news.

After that, everything can be done by simply messaging someone.

The announcement comes after Recode reported that Apple had been working on a service to rival Venmo back in April. Green Dot Corporation and Green Dot Bank are working with Apple as the program manager and regulated bank partner to help facilitate these new capabilities.

If you think of a bank in traditional terms - as an institution which you give all your money to, which many challenger banks like Monzo and Starling are trying to emulate with "banking" apps - then Apple definitely isn't a bank.

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