Apple's Tim Cook insists it helps the police on terror

Eloi Lecerf
Junho 8, 2017

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said any new repatriation tax should be mandatory for all companies, and proceeds should be spent on upgrading US infrastructure. "I can not speak on detail on that". However, it has helped the government with information it has relating to the terror attacks. Cook didn't specify which attacks led to the company's cooperation. He said that Apple responded promptly to all requests for data from the police (when, he added, "they've gone through the lawful process") and added that he hoped law enforcement "would say that we've been cooperating well".

Even as the United Kingdom government insists on the removal of certain encryption standards Cook explains that Apple is restricted from obtaining some information from some of its users' devices. Apple did battle with US lawmakers on this exact issue past year, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanded Apple crack the encryption on a terrorist's iPhone. This does not include the content of messages, but the context - when they were sent, from where, and to who. The iPhone maker says that encryption works differently but even then it contains important information thanks to the presence of metadata.

While discussing user security and privacy in the face of these grave instances, such as the Manchester or London bombings, Cook goes on to mention that Apple isn't just sitting back and watching the show. There has been little detail on how the terrorists communicated with one another to plan the attacks, but Cook said that he believes Apple provided valuable information to the investigations.

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The U.S. should "use that money for a significant infrastructure spend in the U.S., because it creates jobs", Cook said.

Cook also said he didn't join any of U.S. President Donald Trump's business advisory councils because he thinks those groups aren't "terribly productive".

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