White House tries to regroup, but Trump isn't helping

Eloi Lecerf
Junho 8, 2017

The pt can not be stressed enough that tweets on legal matters.

Fifty-three percent of right-leaning voters say that Trump tweets "too much", according to the Morning Consult published Wednesday. Neal Katyal, the former acting solicitor general representing Hawaii in its lawsuit against the ban, said it was as if Trump was his co-counsel.

Trump has also grown frustrated with the way his travel ban has been stalled in federal courts, the people added. Both orders, aimed at temporarily halting entry to the US from a half-dozen Muslim-majority countries, have been blocked by the lower courts.

"She knows it's not a ban against a certain religion". As a candidate, Trump called for a "Muslim ban", comments that came back to haunt him as president when the courts determined that even his scaled-down order was "rooted in religious animus and meant to bar Muslims from this country".

"And those who support him, as I do, need to reinforce that pt and not be shy about it", he tweeted.

White House aide Kellyanne Conway says the media is "obsessed" with President Trump tweets, which are likely the most accurate representation of his administration's view.

And if you can't stand following Trumps, this account is a great way to stay informed on what he's saying.

"I'm glad it resonates with people", Neiss told Mic.

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But Stephen Vladeck, a University of Texas law professor, said Trump was making that argument much less tenable by calling the revised order "politically correct".

"I just find it really disappointing that not only did you have one of your staff on before me for several minutes on the president's tweets, now we're eight minutes into this interview and you're doing it again", he said.

"If the President is looking for someone to blame on the slow pace of confirmations, he needs only to look in the mirror", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, said in a statement.

"That's right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain unsafe countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people", he tweeted.

And yet, over the last 48 hours, a slew of Trump surrogates - not to mention Trump himself - have tried to argue that the only way to understand Trump's social media presence is to hold both of those ideas in your head at the same time. But Trump on Monday shelved that argument.

National Security Advisor Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, a retired General, also hosted the reception with the President and first lady.

His previously viral, haunting Twitter bot tweeted the names, photos and heartbreaking fates of refugees who fled Nazi Germany in 1939 on the MS Louis - the German transatlantic liner that was denied entry into Cuba and the U.S. and was forced to return to Europe.

This puts aides in a tough position.

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