Ivanka Trump's 'Why I disagree with my dad' cover instantly mocked

Rebecca Barbier
Junho 9, 2017

The significance of the sale-reportedly for an estimated $100 million-centers around AMI's Chairman and CEO David J. Pecker.

Ivanka, in an effort to reinsert herself into the public's good graces after the whole "Complicit" debacle, chose to slither her way onto the cover of US Weekly with the accompanying headline "WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD". Ha. Ha!

Ivanka Trump is on the cover of this month's US Weekly, and it's a bold foray by the celebrity rag into the divisive world of partisan politics.

"Can you name 1 positive thing that she's done, other than profit from his "presidency"?" one Twitter user wrote. Reportedly, Ivanka was not in favour of Donald's decision to pull out of the Paris agreement, but she did not win that fight with her father.

Ivanka Trump's 'Why I disagree with my dad' cover instantly mocked

It was then over to social media and the witty, witty individuals who went to town on the both the magazine and Ivanka Trump, sharing famous photos of evil fathers and their children, such as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars whose father turned out to be baddie Darth Vadar.

Making fun of dumb US Weekly covers is what Twitter was made for.

"Sometimes she and Jared are a big influence on Donald and sometimes he takes other opinions into account and does something they disagree with", an unnamed "Ivanka insider" told the magazine. Many argued that the first daughter is "trying a total makeover" and accused her of "just trying to save her brand" by distancing herself from her father. The whole endeavor reads a lot like a statement put out by a fancy public relations firm hired by Ivanka Trump.

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