Mobile will offer Apple's latest iPad Pro starting next week

Eloi Lecerf
Junho 11, 2017

The two iPad Pro models have given extra life to the struggling Tablet market so it was no surprise that a new Pro was announced.

This year's edition of the WWDC conference has made Apple fans very, very happy. The sessions are satisfyingly technical, the conversations wide-ranging and the details are tailored for its nerdy (I say as a compliment) audience.

Apple unveiled the new products at its WWDC developers event earlier in the week. A brand new file system (AFS or Apple File System) will be standard with High Sierra.

For those users demanding particularly high-performance computer - video professionals for example - there will be an iMac Pro at the end of the year, said to be "the fastest Mac to date".

"Billed as "the most powerful Mac ever", the top of the range model will feature an 18-core processor that supports up to 4TB of SSD memory and comes with a 5K 27" retina display. This goes hand in hand with another software development, Apple's new Files app. A new keyboard for the Retina MacBook is good news for sure, but it's still not going to make people hungering after their mechanical keyboards happy, per se. To total up, the chip consists of nearly about 4096 stream processors along with 256 texture mapping units. The new iOS will now guarantee iMessages app to remain perfectly synced across all of other devices. For the first time, developers will be able to use the Mac to create and view virtual reality content.

A few iOS items particularly stood out to me.

Regardless of what you think of Apple as a company, it is hard to argue one point. Imagine playing Carcassonne in 3D on your dining room table with family members hundreds of miles away who are seeing the same thing.

Apple adds simple Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11
Apple's new "invert" feature is a pretty much a dark mode, which will help to save your eyes when looking at your phone in bed. A window will pop up on the already-connected device asking for permission to let the new device join.

According to a report published by Tweak Town, these computing engines also further include two other distinct computing clusters that pack a total of 512 stream processors tagged along with 32 texture mapping units as well.

On the hardware front, Apple introduced new iPad Pro models, each with faster A10X processors and a minimum of 64 GB of storage.

Underneath the hood, both the 10.5 inch version and the 12.9 inch version pack a serious punch and a definite upgrade in comparison to the last generation 9.7 inch model. The display may be 20 per cent larger than its 9.7-inch counterpart (now sadly retired), but the slim aluminium body, slightly protruding 12MP camera and reflective Apple logo remain the same. Both will start shipping on June 15.

Even better, they feature ProMotion, a new technology that allows the iPad Pro to up its screen's refresh rate to 120Hz, double the previous rate. He added, "To be a pro today, you need the power of the PC, but more easily available whether you're on a train, at the park, in a meeting or wherever you need to be". The smaller tweaks to the interface will help to make Mac easier and more convenient to use every day and are likely to be welcomed by users.

Alongside all of this is more integration with Apple's Pencil.

And yet, despite its excellence, Apple is seemingly in the process of replacing it.

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