Sofia Boutella & Annabelle Wallis on Their 'Mummy' Scenes with Tom Cruise

Rebecca Barbier
Junho 13, 2017

Superhero movie "Wonder Woman" maintained its lead at the North American box office over the weekend pulling in $58.5 million and burying newcomer "The Mummy", industry figures showed.

Instead, Wonder Woman won the box office again, adding $57.1 million domestically for a now estimated grand total of $435 million when oversea sales are added in.

"The Mummy", starring Tom Cruise, was announced as the kick-off of the "Dark Universe" that will create a new series of films based on the classic Universal monster movie characters.

Luckily for studio bosses, Cruise's The Mummy fared better internationally, with a $141.8 million (£111.3 million) debut to lift its global gross to $174 million (£136.6 million). It grossed over $800 million at the box office, but the new monster movie will be beaten out by "Wonder Woman" and other similar projects.

A lot of people were disappointed in Tom Cruise's Mummy movie for many different reasons, and one of them was the absence of former Mummy star Brendan Fraser. Despite critical praise (it boasts the best Rotten Tomatoes rating to date among recent DC releases, nearly higher than Batman v Superman, Man of Steel and Suicide Squad combined), it is the lowest earner. In the 33 worldwide markets where "The Mummy" opened between Wednesday and Thursday, the movie took in $20.5 million.

The women power, courtesy, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, continues to stay strong at the box office in its second week too!

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Though "Bride of Frankenstein" is the only movie that has confirmed its release so far (February 2019), "The Invisible Man" and "Frankenstein" have already nabbed Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem, respectively.

Fox's PG animated superhero movie "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" landed in third place with an estimated 12.3 million dollars in its second weekend in North America. Meanwhile, the Kate Mara vehicle Megan Leavey managed to earn $3.8 million on just under 2,000 screens, which was good enough for eighth place.

The second installment for Guardians of the Galaxy has had a really impressive box office run now with $366 million domestic and $828 million worldwide.

"Baywatch", $4.6 million ($10.7 million international).

Wonder Woman, boasting a domestic total of $163.6 million through Friday, is expected to jump the $200 million mark on Sunday, its 10th day in release. But "It Comes at Night" also only cost $5 million to make.

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