Lonzo Ball pokes fun at his father in new commercial

Vincent De Villiers
Junho 16, 2017

A Father's Day promo organized by Foot Locker featured a few of the NBA Draft's top prospects, including Ball, discussing the impact their respective fathers have had on them.

"All of those games of one-on-one in the driveway where he let me win", former Kentucky guard De'Aaron Fox said.

Lavar Ball, you're an evil genius.

"There's that day when your dad berates your high school coach in front of the entire crowd for not giving you enough touches", Ball says of his father.

Flanked by his peers in the 2017 NBA Draft class, Ball highlighted how different his relationship with his father is compared to most others.

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In a brilliant piece of advertising magic, Foot Locker manages to pull the ultimate bait-and-switch with its Father's Day video of incoming National Basketball Association prospects reflecting on everything their fathers did for them along the way. But it's hard arguing the fact that he's got it pretty good for a man who averaged just 2.2 points per game in college.

- "Public spats with the all-time greats".

"It's been a big year for my family, and I know we're just getting started", Lonzo Ball said in a Foot Locker news release.

Jonathan Isaac, from Florida State, talks about how his father woke up early to drive him to faraway tournaments.

Ball may not have had the best two-day meeting with the Lakers, but this Foot Locker ad nearly single-handedly transformed his draft stock. This actually makes me like Lonzo and maybe feel a little sorry for him all at once.

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