UT Grad, Zack Barth, Speaks to Good Morning America About Shooting

Oceane Deschanel
Junho 16, 2017

The congressional staffer wounded in the shooting at a congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning near Washington, D.C., is out of the hospital and recounting his harrowing experience.

Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) gets ready to speak on Capitol Hill after a gunman opened fire while Republican lawmakers were practicing baseball on June 14, 2017.

Also at practice were U.S. Reps. "There could have easily been 25 deaths or more today".

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise from Louisiana was among the five people shot.

"I was pinned down in right field", Barth said.

Williams hurt his ankle diving into the dugout but his concern turned to one of his staffers, Zach Barth who had been shot.

"When I got into the dugout it wasn't ten seconds then Zack had come running in from the outfield and he literally, we landed in each other's arms".

Barth was expected to recover, Williams said; the officers are expected to make full recoveries. Jeff Flake of Arizona staunched Barth's bleeding with his baseball belt.

While the incident clearly shook Williams, his message was a positive one.

Shots rang out during a baseball practice Wednesday for Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Witnesses said a gunman fired a torrent of bullets at the ballfield around 7 a.m. Police identified the shooter as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of IL, who was shot by Capitol Police officers and later died from his injuries.

"Without the Capitol Police, we probably would not be here today", Williams said.

His boss, Representative Roger Williams from Austin, dove for cover in that same dugout.

Barth described the scene as "chaos", adding he might not have made it through without the heroic actions of the police officers on the scene. But three other Texas congressmen who attended weren't injured.

Hodgkinson was shot and killed.

On Wednesday, University of Texas at Austin President Greg Fenves wished Zack Barth a speedy recovery.

Silver City District Attorney Francesca Estevez's lawyer says the criminal charges filed against her client are "a shameful political attack" and are in retaliation for the prosecutor going public about. Scalise was said to be in critical condition on Wednesday evening.

The Congressional Baseball Game is the pinnacle event of the summer among Washington and Capitol Hill insiders. "And when America gets punched, America punches back, and we'll do that tonight".

Williams, who played baseball at TCU and professionally in the Atlanta Braves organization, has helped coach the Republican team in the annual charity game with Democrats since 2013.

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