WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Results & Live Discussion

Rebecca Barbier
Junho 19, 2017

Who's going to be reaching for the stars this Sunday, and who'll come tumbling down?

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Since being promoted from NXT, Corbin has been one of the more pleasant surprises on the main roster.

Since Lana stood tall over Naomi on this week's edition of Smackdown Live, I am going with Naomi to retain her title. Nobody knows the abilities of Lana but we will find out in this championship match. The debuting "Ravishing Russian", Lana will attempt to dethrone Naomi in her first televised match since WrestleMania 32.

Naomi vs. Lana for the Smackdown Women's Championship: There's been some grumbling about Lana getting a title shot in her first match, but I'm fine with it because they had Shane McMahon emphasize that her character doesn't deserve it and he gave in to Naomi's request. With Rusev coming back into the picture in some capacity, their partnership could be a very welcome one should it arise.

Charlotte has held the Raw Women's Championship four times, though she hasn't been a champion since she left "Monday Night Raw" during the Superstar Shake-up. Throw in the fact that she's now a threat to win the title and it's a nice double hook, especially since Smackdown creative conditioned viewers to expect the unexpected via the Jinder Mahal title win. But her climb to the top was spoiled by none other than James Ellsworth- who shockingly climbed the ladder himself, unclasping the briefcase easily and handing an early, though officially challenged victory to Carmella.

Joel Lampkin: The women of SmackDown Live have the major opportunity to show that they are as good as the men, with the added danger of steel on offer for them to put on an exquisite show.

MATTHEW BYER: This one for me is surprisingly not as hard to call because it's clear that Carmella for the last while has been positioned by WWE Creative to be the next Smackdown Women's Champion and what better way could there be, but by having her win the Money in the Bank briefcase. "The Princess of Staten Island" teased doing so, but then backed off and told the women to "carry on" with their match. Instead of defending his title, it seems completely ignored.

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The best thing about Owens is he has not missed a beat once he lost the Universal Heavyweight championship and moved to SmackDown Live as the United States champion. Will The New Day become tag team champions again or will The Usos keep winning? She hasn't gotten a championship opportunity in a while, though, so this could be exactly what she needs to start her second title run.

JT: To be honest this is the only match I'm really looking forward to. Matt Wilansky is here to break down each and every contest, with ESPN Stats & Info's Sean Coyle providing match ratings throughout the night.

Orton then returned to the ring and turned his attention to Mahal.

Joel Lampkin: Jinder Mahal, what more can you say about the Maharaja?

In its baffling decision to make Jinder Mahal the champion, WWE is now faced with keeping him as champion.

The victor of the match will typically carry the briefcase with them wherever they go, always threatening the champion that their time is coming soon. "WWE" could play the "American downs the foreign baddie" angle by pitting Cena against Mahal. Corbin will look to cash in his briefcase in the future. The Lone Wolf will strike at any moment.

A quick look at who is involved would make me predict Corbin wins, but you never know.

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