58 people confirmed or presumed dead from London tower fire

Patrice Gainsbourg
Junho 20, 2017

On Friday, Metropolitan Police Commander Start Cundy said he hoped the number would not reach "triple figures".

The British government on Sunday vowed to act on any recommendations from an inquest into the a fire that consumed a 24-story high-rise tower in the west of London and killed at least 58 people.

British authorities are launching a criminal investigation into the London apartment building fire - as the death toll from the blaze has almost doubled, to 30.

New York City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, whose department is among the most practiced in the world at fighting fires in tall buildings, says he believes in the stay-put policy but "what happened in London, in which a fire went from the fourth floor to the 21st floor in what we understand was in 17 minutes, is unprecedented".

"The work to search the building is challenging, but naturally could never be done quickly enough for those now having to live with the uncertainty of knowing where their loved ones are".

Describing the scene that confronted him, Mr Magee said: "I've never seen anything like this...it was like a movie". A spokeswoman said it would be released to coincide with the full inquests on the dead, which may not begin for years.

But the London fire service said no interim findings from its fire investigation report or the report itself would be made public. There will be an inquiry into how this terrible fire started, why it spread so quickly and the basis on which that refurbishment took place.

Music mogul Simon Cowell has admitted that the fire at London's Grenfell Tower, which is less than a mile from his home, "sent chills through him" and has prompted him to make a charity record with all proceeds going to those affected by the horror blaze.

She says she will receive daily reports from the stricken neighborhood, where hundreds of people have been displaced.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May, facing criticism for the government's handling of the disaster, met Saturday with 15 fire survivors invited to her official residence at 10 Downing Street.

Police say the harrowing search for remains had paused Friday because of safety concerns at the blackened tower but has resumed. A CPS spokesperson said: "A police investigation is under way and we are providing support and advice as required". This relies on dental records, fingerprints and DNA when possible and also features like tattoos or scars.

The PM has ordered a public inquiry into the blaze, as the cladding used to insulate the tower block and the building's safety measures have come under scrutiny.

"It's a bad tragedy for which no one is taking responsibility", she said.

More than 3 million pounds ($3.8 million) has been raised for victims of the London high-rise fire that has killed at least 30 people and left dozens homeless.

Scuffles broke out near the Kensington and Chelsea town hall offices Friday as demonstrators chanting "We want justice!" surged toward the doors.

Anger flared in the Kensington community over the weekend - with many protests taking place across the capital - as some accused the authorities of withholding information and responding inadequately.

Some Grenfell residents had warned months ago that fire safety issues at the tower left it at risk of a "catastrophic" event.

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