Diane Kruger to star in filmmaker Robert Zemeckis' upcoming movie

Rebecca Barbier
Junho 20, 2017

Diane Kruger, victor of the Best Actress award at the recent Cannes Film Festival, has joined Steve Carell in Universal's untitled Robert Zemeckis project.

The 40-year-old actress joins the cast along with actor Steve Carell in the film based on Jeff Malmberg's 2010 documentary "Marwencol", reported Variety.

Carell is the broken man who builds the miniature set, with Zemeckis creating an entire World War Two fantasy village that the character escapes to, populated by the man's real-world alter egos.

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Kruger will talk on the role of the Belgian witch of Marwencol named Deja Thoris, who resides in the world of fictional village. He is also producing via his Universal-based ImageMovers, along with Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey, as well as Cherylanne Martin.

Zemeckis is directing and producing from a screenplay he wrote with Caroline Thompson.

Maradith Frenkel and Chloe Yellin are also on board the production and have been called in to oversee the project and report back to Universal. Her upcoming projects include "Butterfly in the Typewriter" and Justin Kelly's "JT Leroy".

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