France's Macron to reshuffle government after parliament win

Judith Bessette
Junho 20, 2017

"It is down to the president's desire to breathe new life into democracy and to the French people who wanted to give parliament a new face". He refused to say whether ministers who have come under suspicion of corruption suspicions would keep their jobs.

Previously, many had thought the most likely outcome on Sunday would be En Marche! emerging as the largest single party, but without a majority, which could have left much of Macron's agenda stymied. French voters are choosing legislators for the National Assembly in the second round.

At 23 years-old, the National Front's Ludovic Pajot the youngest MP in the new parliament, earning him the title of "the Benjamin of the National Assembly" - which is how the French describe the youngest member of a group. The victorious newcomers started arriving Monday at the National Assembly to learn their way around before the first parliament session next week.

During the presidential campaign he also promised to cut corporate tax to 25 percent from 33 percent and make a 50 billion public investment in energy, vocational training and transport infrastructure.But he will need to be mindful of a budget deficit that the Bank of France forecasts will once again breach the European Union cap of 3 percent of national income this year."It is in France's interests, its political credibility, its economic credibility, to conform with its obligations", Pierre Moscovici, the EU's French commissioner for economic and financial affairs told TV channel Public Senat.

In all 38 percent of France's 577 MPs are women, that's a big jump to the 27 percent in the previous parliament. The abstention rate, at fully 57%, was historically high for a second-round parliamentary vote, possibly because voters considered the result a foregone conclusion. Three-quarters are starting their first term at the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, after being in power for the last five years, the Socialist party looks set to win fewer than 50 seats in total, its worst performance ever.

The Republicans hung on to between 97 and 130 seats, down from over 200 in the last parliament, and remain the main opposition party.

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Le Pen's victory in the northern former coalmining town of Henin-Beaumont was a rare bright spot for her nationalist and anti-EU party that was once hoping to emerge as the principal opposition to Macron.

He wants a leadership role in countering the kind of nationalism that far-right leader Le Pen represents, which spurred the Brexit vote and helped propel Donald Trump to the USA presidency.

"We're worth at least 80 (seats) in my opinion, given the energy we will use to promote our views", Le Pen told a news conference.

The far left and far right lack the mass appeal needed to prevail in France's two-round voting system.

Meyer Habib, a lawmaker for the UDI centrist party and a former leader of the CRIF umbrella of French Jewish communities, was re-elected to parliament as the representative of the electoral 8th District, which comprises Turkey, Israel, Italy, Greece, the Vatican, San Marino and Malta.

Today the interim government of Edouard Philippe is expected to resign in a procedural move with the majority of ministers being reappointed later.

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