Reward increases to $70000 for escaped inmates

Patrice Gainsbourg
Junho 20, 2017

The vehicle was stolen in Morgan County in the area of Seven Islands Road.

The inmates were on a prison bus traveling on State Route 16 in Putnam County early Tuesday morning when they overpowered the correctional officers on board, officials said.

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Gregory Dozier said, "Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of two of our officers, who are our family, and our priority is to locate these fugitives and bring them to justice for this heinous act against those working to protect the public".

Both escapees are considered by authorities to be armed with 9mm handguns, the ones taken from the corrections officers after they were shot to death on the bus.

Sills added: 'They need to surrender before we find them'.

Sills was emotional as he described the initial scene to reporters.

Now they're the suspects for killing two sergeants from the Georgia Department of Corrections, 42-year-old Christopher Monica and 58-year-old Curtis Billue. "Their blood on my shoes", said Sheriff Howard Sills.

He urged the two to turn themselves in.

The two were able to overpower and ultimately murder two correctional officers before escaping in a prisoner transport bus. "They're not concerned with anything regarding human life", Sills said.

Authorities are now searching for a stolen truck after a vehicle taken by two escaped inmates was recovered. Authorities said the inmates carjacked the driver of the Honda minutes after shooting the officers.

He said a reward for information that leads to their arrest has been raised to $90,000.

The victims have been identified as 42 year-old Christopher Monica and 58 year-old Curtis Billue. Monica had been with the force for more than seven years and Billue had served for almost a decade, according to police.

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A new lookout is posted for two escaped Georgia inmates accused of killing two guards.

Miller said the 10-mile chase Thursday on I-24 south of Nashville was hundreds of miles from where they escaped.

No one knows where they are headed, but Dubose is from northeast Georgia and Rowe has ties to Tennessee.

Two armed inmates have escaped and are considered very unsafe. "We see our officers as our family", Dozier said.

Sills said the two men may be in the truck, but he did not rule out that they may have split up.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal pledged every state resource necessary to catch the pair, and vowed that the guards' selflessness and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Deal says of the officers: "The selflessness and courage of these two fearless souls will not be forgotten, nor will their sacrifice and service".

"No effort will be spared in pursuit of the killers", Deal said, "and no state resources required in this endeavor will be spared". The FBI and U.S. Marshals have joined the investigation, Sills said.

Dubose, 6 feet 1 inches tall and 140 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair, was sentenced up to 20 years in prison for armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft in 2014, the website shows.

Both men have been serving long sentences for armed robbery and other crimes, according to the Department of Corrections website.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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