Russian Federation warns ISIS Airforce flying over Syria

Patrice Gainsbourg
Junho 20, 2017

A USA fighter jet shot down a Syrian regime plane Sunday after it dropped bombs on American-backed forces fighting the Islamic State group in northern Syria, the US-led coalition said.

For the first time since American forces went to war against ISIS in Syria, an F-18 fighter, flying off the USS George H.W. Bush, shot down a Syrian government plane, believed to be a Russian-made SU-22.

According to reports from the Syrian Democratic Force, the pro-Assad Su-22 jet fighter was targeting rebel forces attacking ISIS-controlled Raqqa.

"We are going to continue to conduct operations throughout Syria, providing air support for coalition and partnered forces on the ground", he said. "The Coalition calls on all parties to focus their efforts on the defeat of ISIS, which is our common enemy and the greatest threat to regional and worldwide peace and security".

While the USA has said since it began recruiting, training and advising what it calls moderate Syrian opposition forces to fight IS that it would protect them from potential Syrian government retribution, this was the first time it resorted to engaging in air-to-air combat to make good on that promise.

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The SDF, which is comprised of Syrian Kurds and other Arab fighters, is considered by the U.S. to be an important ally in the fight against Isis. Col. John Thomas, a spokesman for the U.S. Central Command, said that the Syrian aircraft arrived with little warning and that U.S. aircraft nearby tried to hail the Syrian jet after it had dropped its bombs. A "hotline" for Russian and USA military officials to talk about activity within the zones was established in 2015.

Clashes between Syrian troops and the SDF would escalate tensions and open a new front line in the many complex battlefields of the civil war, now in its seventh year. "Zionist project in the region", the Syrian statement said, using an acronym for the Islamic State. The engagement between a United States military jet and Syrian air forces was the first air-to-air kill since Operation Allied Force in 1999, and could mark an escalation in USA involvement in the Syrian conflict. The regime's forces wounded a significant number of soldiers who retreated from the town.

The coalition said the Syrian warplane had been shot down "in accordance with rules of engagement and in collective self-defence of Coalition partnered forces".

Six missiles with a range of between 650 to 700 kilometres (400-435 miles) were fired from western Iran, soaring over Iraqi territory and striking the targets in Deir al-Zor.State TV posted black and white aerial video on their website on Monday which they labelled as the moment of impact of the attack.

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