Several arrests made at anti-Shariah rallies

Patrice Gainsbourg
Junho 20, 2017

Opponents of anti-Shariah demonstrations being held around the country Saturday say the events stoked unfounded fears and a distorted view of the religion.

Saturday's demonstration was one the largest protests against Islam put on by "Act for America".

Oceanside resident Duane Siegmann, one of the marchers against Sharia law, said he joined the beachside gathering to spread word about what he saw as a growing menace.

Minnesota State Police made seven arrests as fights broke out during demonstrations at the state Capitol in St. Paul.

The counter protesters can be seen blowing into plastic noisemakers, bringing to mind the "gjallarhorn", or "yelling horn", from Norse mythology.

"The constitution is the law of the land", said a protester in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The protests happening in more than 20 major cities, including Chicago.

Demonstrators in Richardson marched at the corner of Abrams and Centennial, voicing their opinion that Sharia Law is incompatible with the constitution and American values.

'Quero matar todos os muçulmanos', diz autor do ataque em Londres
Outras reclamaram da demora da polícia para chegar ao local do incidente - algumas disseram que foram 45 minutos de espera. Esse é o quarto ataque nos últimos três meses no Reino Unido chamado de "atentado terrorista " pelas autoridades.

A trooper tried to detain this man, when trooper looked away people swarmed them & tried grabbing the man when confrontation escalated.

ACT for America calls themselves as the nation's largest anti-Muslim hate group and claims that their rallies, intentionally scheduled for Ramadan, are actually anti-Sharia rallies. The only casualty of being in the middle of physical escalations between protestors & troopers.My shirt.

"Women and children are not protected under Sharia law, that is why I'm here", said Mary; who is against Sharia law. Just across the street, a larger and more vocal group of around 75 people chanted at them, "Racists out!"

Roughly two hundred demonstrators gathered peacefully for a rally in a Seattle park and later marched toward Seattle City Hall, where they significantly outnumbered those gathered for an anti-Sharia law rally. Many also wore "Make America Great Again" hats and held signs supporting President Donald Trump. "We're here protecting their rights, and they're trying to shut us down!"

A Trump supporter holds up a sign at the rally.

. But after a contingent of Trump loyalists, one of whom was dressed in a red, white, and blue unitard, arrived, some counter protesters crossed to get closer. It's not entirely clear how a blatantly illegal act that devastated a community and was condemned by almost everybody is a sign that US law is coming under control of Muslims.

The organization said it opposes discrimination and supports the rights of those subject to Shariah.

"I'm thinking of the Muslim community here in Orlando who come out to protests and vigils and they've stood with the community, and I feel like it's time for us to stand and let the world know we wont let anyone attack them".

In San Bernardino, police spokeswoman Eileen Hards told a reporter, "There's an anti-Trump, a pro-Trump, anti-extremists, so there are a variety of messages here".

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