Both Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch coming in 2018

Eloi Lecerf
Junho 23, 2017

Psyonix has nothing to announce at this time about what additional features the game is supporting at this time, however, with more official word on that coming nearer to release.

Understandably jaded not-yet-Switch-owners may remain a bit skeptical, as the tide of scalpers consistently pursuing Nintendo hardware can be hard to thwart even as supply increases and begins to level off with continued demand.

"The $299.99 console will be available at a first-come, first-served basis where available". Essentially, that means if you chance upon a Switch on your next visit to GameStop, grab it and don't let go. Those who are buying online will have to shell out more as the Switch comes in bundles.

Unfortunately, it seems that Nintendo didn't entirely anticipate the success of their new system and as such, there have been shortages in some locations, with customers unable to get their hands on the Switch. An extra Nintendo dock costs $90. The Switch has been so popular, in fact, that Nintendo is reportedly competing with Apple for some scarce electronics components, but Nintendo would apparently love to do a better job of meeting demand.

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The company has issued an apology statement now promising people that they will soon roll out a lot of Nintendo Switch console bundles, possibly the splatoon bundle. As long as we don't get another Federation Force, it can't be so bad.

Argos do not have any stock on their website and you're now not available to reserve any Switch consoles in store. A stellar cache of titles are headed for the console, such as the aforementioned Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and more. The company has hit back, though, claiming that it is manufacturing new units "as fast as we can".

So it appears that the new Pokémon game and Metroid prime 4 will both be coming out in 2018, and Nintendo has well and truly thought about the way that content is going to take shape for Nintendo Switch.

Psyonix announced Rocket League will be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year, and IGN spoke with Vice President Jeremy Dunham and Producer Bobby Garza for more details about the Switch version.

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