Lakers great Magic Johnson picks successor in Lonzo Ball

Vincent De Villiers
Junho 24, 2017

LaVar Ball talked his son Lonzo becoming a Laker into existence, and he might just do the same about next year's playoffs.

Last season the Lakers finished 26-56, the third worst record in the National Basketball Association.

Ball, a 6ft 6ins point guard from Anaheim who broke the UCLA record for most assists in a season, was selected by the Lakers with the second pick. But the Pacers did not accept the offer.

"We want the ball moving, and we want to play an up-tempo game, and that's what Ball is a genius at", Walton said as he drowned in a sea of microphones and cameras only minutes after the selection had gone public.

The Lakers have since spewed nothing but praise toward Ball for what he could potentially offer the team on the court next season.

Big Baller Brand hats like the one Ball threw on right after Lonzo was selected go for $50 on the BBB website.

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As Los Angeles Lakers fans recover from the D'Angelo Russell trade, one thing is certain - the backcourt now belongs to the second overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball.

"I told you. From the words of Zeus, Jesus, everybody said he gonna be a Laker", LaVar Ball told broadcasters before the draft started, according to USA Today. "I'll have another hat on that say 'I told you so.'" Ball said. If the Lakers plan on stretching their cap space to sign a few blockbuster free agents, their ability to complement those players with young, cheap talent is critical. According to data from Adobe Digital Insights, the 2017 NBA Draft garnered 5.6 million social-media mentions, about 11% more than previous year.

"I'm sure he'll fit into our culture", Walton said before adding to his thought.

When asked about LaVar's playoffs prediction, Lakers coach Luke Walton smiled.

"This is insane", a calm Ball said in a phone interview.

"Definitely. That's how I've played my whole life".

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