YouTube's "VR180" format cuts down on VR video's prohibitive requirements

Eloi Lecerf
Junho 24, 2017

There was more news from Wojcicki's VidCon keynote: a new 180-degree VR video format, for example, which YouTube and Google's Daydream team have developed as a more-affordable alternative to full 360-degree video.

Acknowledging that every online user is not equipped enough to watch 360-degree videos, Google-owned YouTube has launched a new format for content creators.

"They look just like any other YouTube video we have on the site", YouTube VR product manager Erin Teague said.

Google has already started working with some OEMs like LG, Lenovo, and YI to make 180-degree cameras that will work with the new VR180.

VR180 videos are created to focus on images in front of the viewer, they are also rendered in high resolution to look good on both desktop and mobile devices.

Google has announced a new 180-degree VR format, including third-party cameras that you can use to shoot in it.

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Furthermore, you will be allowed to view the images stereoscopically in 3D, where there will be a clear plane to distinguish things that are near and far.

In addition to the main VR180 news, YouTube also announced various updates for its mobile and desktop apps, YouTube TV and more. From vlogs, to makeup tutorials to music videos - your videos will work great in VR. YouTube is also rolling out its past year announced video sharing feature that lets you share videos right from the YouTube app.

Google says these cameras would operate like any other point-and-shoot camera, so content creators need not to worry.

Makers can shoot the recordings utilizing any camera with the VR180 benchmarks.

One more feature that is finally coming to the YouTube mobile application is the ability to share videos with friends and family right from the YouTube application.

Disney (DIS) should probably take note - live-streaming video on YouTube might soon be as good or even better than what audiences see on ESPN. Switching to the new format should also help reduce data usage since 180° footage will presumably consume less bandwidth.

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