RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Finale: Sasha Velour Named Winner

Rebecca Barbier
Junho 25, 2017

After 13 incredible episodes, the victor of RuPaul's Drag Race season nine was crowned this week in an epic lip-sync smackdown to the crown - and it's safe to say we are completely GAGGED. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when this season transcended into something greater, but the result is more exciting than the reason anyway.

Four finalists battled it out, but only one was victorious. Spoilers ahead. Whether it was the inspiring short speech by made by Drag Race Season 9 victor Sasha Velour, or Shea Couleé's emotional admission about her tough, grief stricken year, the finale was full of heart-clutching moments.

The bald beauty is your new Drag Superstar!

First up is Peppermint, who seems to have been a love-her-or-hate-her competitor amongst fans throughout the season. Two semi-final lip sync battles whipped up excitement, with Peppermint trumping Trinity Taylor with her performance of Britney Spears song "Stronger" in the first and Sasha triumphing over Shea Coulée with "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston. The fight was incredibly well-matched on Trinity's behalf, but the outcome was basically cinched the moment Peppermint pulled off a genuinely showstopping moment: A simultaneous wig and costume reveal.

Larson and McMurray make it 1-2 for Chip Ganassi at Sonoma
Patrick's sixth-place qualifying effort is her best since August 2014 when she qualified 10th at Pocono. Larson is fresh off his second cup victory of the season in MI last weekend.

The final saw Sasha battle off against Peppermint to Whitney's "It's Not Right But It's Okay", with RuPaul declaring Sasha the victor.

The Tennessee-based drag queen was eliminated on the fifth episode of RuPaul's Drag Race after she suffered a knee injury performing cheerleading as one of the challenges. And then, shockingly, Shea lost everything - her frontrunner momentum, her energy, and perhaps her focus - as Sasha emoted and blossomed in a torrent of hidden roses. Will it be Sasha Velour, the intellectual art diva?

If there is one thing that we'd advise the show to do, it's to stick mostly to its original premise and do its best in the process to avoid any sort of big casting gimmicks or any of the other pitfalls that often do turn up for reality shows after a certain length of time. Now we just count down the days until Eureka gets her redemption on season 10 and Valentina and Shea get theirs on the can't-come-soon-enough All Stars 3.

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