Trump To Urge European Allies To Dump Russia, Buy US Gas

Judith Bessette
Julho 6, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump will speak in favor of increasing supplies of American natural gas to Europe at a meeting with the leaders of European countries in Warsaw.

The United States recently began shipping liquefied gas to Poland for the first time, and Trump will tell allies in Poland that he wants to make it as easy as possible for USA companies to ship more gas to Central and Eastern Europe, the White House officials said.

Trump was in Warsaw on Thursday to attend a meeting of the Three Seas Initiative, a project started past year that aims to strengthen trade, infrastructure, energy and political co-operation among 12 countries bordering the Adriatic, the Baltic and the Black Sea. Members of the initiative include Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Russia's neighbors Latvia and Estonia. Exports from the United States would help reduce their dependence on Russian Federation.

After decades of consuming almost all of the energy it produced, the United States is now expected to become the world's third-largest exporter of gas by 2020.

Analysts say Moscow will be greatly concerned about any move by the United States to cut into its export markets in Eastern Europe, where it has dominated for decades.

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Republicans, many of whom stand for a tough stance towards Russian Federation, support the use of gas exports as a political tool.

The expected to become the world's third-largest exporter of LNG in 2020, just four years after starting up its first export terminal.

Because LNG is hard to ship and because Russia can cut prices and adjust contract terms in the European gas market, it's not likely that US energy will replace Russian energy in Central and Eastern Europe.

Russian Federation has the advantage of lower costs in Europe because of its close proximity and pipeline connections.

Germany's government supports the pipeline, and Trump's position on it is a concern for European diplomats.

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