President Trump Meets with President Xi on the Sidelines of G20

Oceane Deschanel
Julho 10, 2017

At a White House briefing in February, Spicer twice mispronounced Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's name as "Trunbull".

"China has many times talked about its principled position, namely that at the same time as the worldwide community making necessary responses to North Korean acts that go against U.N. Security Council resolutions, they must step up efforts to promote talks and manage and control the situation", Xi said on Saturday during his meeting with Trump. On the contrary, Trump is very much in the tradition of his predecessors, both Republican and Democrat, and distinguished from them only in the candour with which he advances United States interests. The United States undoubtedly will pressure China on this issue, in addition to its current financial sanctions against a Chinese bank and sale of arms to Taiwan. Mr. Xi is the president of the People's Republic of China.

In his comments, the USA president thanked his Chinese counterpart for helping in pressuring North Korea over its nuclear program as well as the business of worldwide trade.

"I appreciate the things that you have done relative to the very substantial problem that we all face in North Korea, a problem that something has to be done about", Trump told Xi in the full glare of the media. And we have many things that we've been discussing and that we will continue to discuss right now and later on this afternoon. The meeting was the first face-to-face communication between the two heads of state since the new US administration took office.

"Our partners and our allies are all looking for meaning and intention in those words and will read into it what they want to, which may or may not be what Trump meant", said Laura Rosenberger, a former foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton and a senior fellow with the German Marshall Fund.

"We're going to push hard not just on North Korea, we're going to push hard on other countries who are not abiding by the resolutions and not abiding by the sanctions against North Korea", she said. Trump doesn't appear to have given up on the relationship despite recent posts on Twitter blasting China for not moving fast enough to rein in North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

SIMON: NPR's Scott Horsley, traveling with the president, thanks so much for being with us.

"It is basic knowledge for those working in diplomacy, yet this isolated incident shows how incompetent the White House staff are, how casual they are, and how poorly coordinated they are", said Shi Yinhong, a professor of global relations at China Renmin University. It is part of the Paracel archipelago, which is occupied by China but claimed by Vietnam.

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Trump officials said later that the president hadn't given up on the relationship.

The gaffe was one of a handful of misnomers issued by the White House during the summit meeting.

Mr Trump did mention trade imbalances in his meeting with Mr Xi, calling it a "very, very big issue" he would address.

His commitment to impose a 45% tariff on China and Mexico are long forgotten, along with the promises to declare China currency manipulator on "day one", and to dump the North American Free Trade Agreement.

On advancing military ties, Xi suggested that the two countries' defense ministers carry out an exchange of visits as soon as possible.

It is clear that Trump's "America first" foreign policy has created a crack in the G-20 unity.

A White House statement issued after Saturday's meeting provided none of the specifics listed by Xinhua.

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