Brexit: Paris aims to lure 20000 jobs as it hosts finance bosses

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 12, 2017

Paris Europlace, the main financial lobby group in France, says the country aims to lure 20,000 following Brexit.

"In this scenario, in the light of the decisions taken by the government, we will concentrate the relocations in France", added Oudea.

"There is about 1,000 jobs out of 43,000 that are employed in the United Kingdom that will be unlawful for our activities to be carried out of the United Kingdom, if it's hard Brexit", said Gulliver, speaking during a conference in Paris.

Last week, the government set out a package of reforms aimed at making the country more attractive for business.

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"The French government is committed to boost Paris attractiveness by all means", he told the Europlace conference, addressing his audience in English.

Societe Generale SA plans to move up to 400 roles from London to Paris, mostly in corporate and investment banking, a spokeswoman said Tuesday, confirming an earlier Reuters report.

"We have a bank here, we have critical mass, we also recognize that there is a a very critical mass of real-economy companies", Gulliver said. "The people could be in Paris, in the Netherlands, or Madrid or anywhere in the EU". London tops the list, followed by NY and Singapore. Last month, a Brexit report from a committee at France's senate warned that three bankers could be hired in Frankfurt for the cost of two in Paris.

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