Cleveland Browns one of four teams DeAngelo Williams won't join

Vincent De Villiers
Julho 13, 2017

"The Cowboys, they win, they just, they don't ever show up during the playoffs, though", Williams said. "They always disappear in the playoffs", Williams told ESPN's Adam Schefter on his Know Them From Adam podcast. Williams went on to rip the Cowboys and their fans for being "extremely super annoying" last season during the team's 13-3 regular season. During the regular season past year, they were on Cloud Nine.

The former Carolina Panther and Pittsburgh Steeler said he'd consider 27 teams and the Cowboys aren't one of them. "Mainly because they don't have a history of my lifetime, I haven't seen them have a winning season". And then, the minute they lose, they either got cheated, somebody was hurt-the excuses start flowing. Two other teams, the Browns and Jaguars, aren't appealing to Williams due to their subpar rosters and recent results.

The other three teams also have things squared away fairly well at running back, something that is true for much of the league at this point and something that may leave Williams waiting for an injury before he lands a contract for the coming season. Williams said at the time that he was upset when the organisation didn't reach out to him when his mother passed away with cancer the previous season.

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"It's just wonderful to me, just that fan base, just in general, they can't handle defeat". That makes sense after the two went through an ugly breakup back in 2014. "That fan base just in general, they can't handle defeat". He, in my opinion, is a future Hall of Famer, but I can't think of anything else positive to say about that particular organization outside of the fact that they have pools inside their stadium.

Williams crossed off the Browns and Jaguars because he wants to go "where winning is something that's expected, not something that people get excited about". The Cowboys round out the group with Williams using his childhood support of the 49ers to explain his distaste for Dallas.

"I'm not ruling [Pittsburgh] out", he told Schefter in an earlier podcast.

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