'Game of Thrones' Creator George RR Martin Developing New HBO TV Series

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 12, 2017

HBO has a mixed bag of news for fans of both genre storytelling and George R.R. Martin.

"My novel, "Who Fears Death", has been optioned by HBO and is now in early development as a TV series with George R.R. Martins as executive producer", she wrote.

Game of Thrones season seven hasn't even been released yet, but HBO and George RR Martin are well underway on working on their next project together.

With the Game of Thrones franchise more popular and lucrative than ever, it's going to surprise a lot of fans that Martin is actually moving to a new project with HBO: a new TV series adaptation of the sci-fi/fantasy novel, Who Fears Death.

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"Who Fears Death" takes place in a fictionalised post- apocalyptic future version of Sudan. "Note: This did not happen overnight".

The novel focused on the light-skinned Nuru who are higher on the chain, oppressing the darker-skinned Okeke. She embarks on a mission to avenge her mother's rape by using her magical powers to track down and attempt to defeat her father, a Nuru sorcerer. "It's been almost four years coming" (check out her announcement below).

Desperate to elude her would-be murderer and to understand her own nature, she embarks on a journey in which she grapples with nature, tradition, history, true love, and the spiritual mysteries of her culture, and ultimately learns why she was given the name she bears: Who Fears Death. Last week we spent most of an afternoon interviewing some great young talents, in hopes of finding the right person to script the pilot.

At 396 pages, it's not exactly the lengthy treasure trove of source material that HBO got with Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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