Amazon Fire TV Software Update Enables Alexa Control

Eloi Lecerf
Julho 13, 2017

Amazon's Fire TV/TV Stick is one of the best products out there for streaming all of your favorite TV shows and movies (it's especially well-loved once you get Kodi on it) but a new software update will enhance your streaming experience if you own another Alexa-powered device, such as one of the Amazon Echo devices.

While the Amazon Echo looks like a cylinder - tall and narrow - the Echo Show comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and is more rectangular in nature. Almost 24% of consumers own a voice-controlled device, while another 20% plan to purchase one in the next year, according to digital marketing firm Walker Sands.

Amazon is reportedly working on a new Echo device that will be more like the Apple HomePod, reports Engadget. The report roughly describes its appearance as four Echo Dots stacked on top of each other. At last, it looks like rounded edges would replace the flat ends of the current model. The new speaker should be able to deliver better sound thanks to the addition of several tweeters. Amazon is also working to improve the Echo's microphone technology which is already quite good.

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It makes sense that Amazon is making such an aggressive push into the voice shopping space. Given that the specs mentioned above sound a lot like Apple's speaker, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Amazon Echo 2 launch early in the fall ... at a price much less than $349.

The tech giant's latest tactic was this year's record-breaking Prime Day, where it encouraged consumers to make a purchase using their Echo speaker.

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