Nasa spot 75000-mile-wide HOLE on the sun

Eloi Lecerf
Julho 13, 2017

The sunspot, named AR2665, is 74,560 miles (120,000 kilometres) wide and big enough to be seen from Earth.

In a statement, NASA said: "A new sunspot group has rotated into view and seems to be growing rather quickly".

In a recent set of discoveries, International Space Agency NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space probe dedicated to the study of the sun, has captured footage of a sunspot rotating towards Earth, that barely looks like a black hole. "This sunspot is the first to appear after the sun was spotless for two days, and it is the only sunspot group at this moment", NASA notes.

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Getting into the technical details, sunspots are patches on the surface of the sun that appear darker than their surroundings due to the loss of surface tension caused by magnetic flux, an intense concentration of complex magnetic fields, respectively.

'It could be the source for some solar flares, but it is too early to predict just what it will do'.

Such a storm could create stunning auroras around the world, as well as play havoc with power grids, potentially causing blackouts in some areas.

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