Spain's King Felipe seeks new 'arrangement' with United Kingdom for Gibraltar

Judith Bessette
Julho 15, 2017

King Felipe of Spain has been accused of ignoring Gibraltar's right to determine its own future in his address to parliament during his state visit to the UK.

Today the PM welcomed King Felipe to Number 10, and hailed the "deep and solid" ties between Britain and Spain as millions of pounds of business investment from the country is announced.

Despite King Felipe yesterday telling MPs his country and the United Kingdom will overcome their "differences", the chief minister for Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, was far from pleased.

Spain earlier this year agreed to the EU's ruling on Brexit negotiations that "no agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom can be applied to the territory of Gibraltar without an agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom". In the times in which we live, territories can not be traded from one monarch to another like pawns in a chess game. "Our freely expressed democratic wishes must be respected and that means understanding Gibraltar will remain 100 percent British", Picardo added.

Government officials said it was an issue "on which we do not see eye to eye, our position is clear: the sovereignty of Gibraltar is not up for discussion".

Although Article 50, launching the Brexit procedure, is yet to be triggered, Gibraltar has already embarked on an effort to convince the EU that the territory needs a special arrangement in the EU-UK divorce deal.

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Mr Picardo said: "The people of Gibraltar want normal, friendly relations with Spain on the same basis as with any other country".

British ministers are likely to argue that the Spanish constitution makes no provision for such a referendum, as Spain is a unitary state.

During the summit Mrs May will pay tribute to Spanish banker Ignacio Echeverria, who died trying to save a woman from an attacker in the London Bridge terror attack.

The brunette beauty made headlines as she was to become Spain's first 'commoner Queen, ' as she had no royal family.

He will meet Theresa May accompanied by his ministers for a lunch at Downing Street on Thursday.

The Dean of the Abbey, John Hall, told the Spanish royals that Westminster Abbey is where monarchs have their coronations - Queen Elizabeth's was in June 1953 - and many great men and women are buried there.

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