Air Canada plane bursts tire on take-off at Gatwick

Oceane Deschanel
Julho 17, 2017

A Toronto-bound flight was forced to return to London's Gatwick Airport Monday after a tire blew during takeoff.

On its website the airport says: "The aircraft has landed but our runway is closed to allow for a runway inspection, as is standard procedure in these circumstances".

Gatwick Airport authorities urged all passengers to check with their airlines for more flight information.

The Boeing 767 plane reportedly hit debris on the runway and still managed to take off, but had to dump fuel and head back towards the airport for an emergency landing.

"Our flights are now taking place on the back-up runway".

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The runway is now being inspected to make sure any debris is cleared.

Gatwick issued an earlier statement saying: "An Air Canada Rouge flight to Toronto has returned to Gatwick after experiencing a burst tyre on take-off".

Shortly after, officials made a decision to close the airport's main runway for the rest of the day.

"We apologise as some flights will be delayed as a result and a few arriving flights are likely to be diverted to other airports".

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