Canada's Trudeau meets tiny namesake, the son of refugees

Judith Bessette
Julho 17, 2017

And in an adorable twist of fate, Justin Trudeau and Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan got to meet at the Calgary Stampede rodeo this weekend, the BBC reports.

The couple Muhammad and Afraa Bilal landed in Canada past year in February with their two children after running away from war-torn Syria.

The family left Syria about six years ago. About 1,000 of them now reside in Calgary.

According to a report in CBC News, on meeting the prime minister baby Trudeau's mother said, "It was actually very good, it was fantastic". Ahmed Doso named his son Justin, after the prime minister, in November.

"I can't believe that I met the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau". The country welcomed 163 Syrian refugees in December 2015, and till now more than 40,000 refugees took shelter.

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Ms Hammoud told CBC, in Syria, boys are usually named after their fathers or grandfathers. "He held (the baby) and he said, 'This is Justin-Trudeau, ' and then he says, 'I appreciate that you named him after my name'".

Mr Trudeau has always been known for his welcoming immigration policies.

The Huffington Post Canada reported that several Syrian refugee families who have resettled in Canada have also named their newborns after Mr Trudeau.

After US President Donald Trump in January first announced his travel ban barring immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, Mr Trudeau struck a decidedly different tone on his Twitter.

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