Car Launches into Roof of St. Louis Home

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

The SUV careered through the ceiling after mounting an embankment that helped launch it onto the air during the crash in St Louis, according to local authorities. They said the solution is either to add speed bumps to slow the flow of traffic or see the intersection at Lillian and Mimika become a one-way street, to stop these crashes from happening in the first place.

Bruce Redding, 66, reportedly returned home from the gym to find his house destroyed by the vehicle.

Fire officials believe the driver sped down a neighboring street and hit a utility pole and a stop sign before hitting the hill and sending his vehicle airborne. The driver of the vehicle was trapped and their condition is unknown. Firefighters are used to both climbing ladders and rescuing people from crashed cars - but not usually at the same time. It's unclear how the vehicle got on the roof. "It was determined that it was viable". We put just enough on the roof to make the extrication and get off'. He was taken away from the scene and brought to the hospital with lower body injuries.

"So, my initial thought was to find out if he was in the house", said Terrell Jones, who lives directly to the left of Redding.

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"The homeowner returned home from the gym to discover the incident", a statement by the department read. "This can't be happening".

Bruce Redding, who has lived in the home for 25 years and inherited it from his mom, said he was "shaking" when he heard the news.

Jones called Redding to ensure he was OK, then told him to hurry home.

"I had a auto smash, turn my railing off", Jones said.

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