Coach AI: Iverson doesn't play in Philly Big3 homecoming

Vincent De Villiers
Julho 17, 2017

Iverson would not take the court however, and instead shook hands and posed for photos with people sitting near the court.

The Associated Press said Iverson said his doctor advised him not to play for unspecified reasons.

The chants soon followed with one fan yelling, "Do it for Philly!"

"I'm glad I had a chance to come back home", Iverson told the crowd following player introductions.

After he walked on the floor, Iverson cupped his ear the way he used to during his days leading the Philadelphia 76ers and implored the crowd to cheer even louder.

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Julius Erving is also a coach in The Big 3 league and was at the Wells Fargo Center as well.

Iverson hugged everyone in sight, smiled, waved, blew kisses and went to work as a coach.

Iverson said previously he didn't plan on extensive playing time in the league, and, thus far, has just six points on 3 of 13 shooting through three games. "It's about playing ball the way we all learned how to play ball out in the playground, like the playgrounds all around Philadelphia".

Iverson did not speak with the media after his team's loss, but Erving did meet with reporters.

Cube wrote on Twitter hours after the game that the only one feeling worse than him was Iverson.

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