Daniil Kvyat disputes penalty, Carlos Sainz Jr. remains tight-lipped

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 17, 2017

Kvyat, though, said Sainz has cut across him, and felt his drive-through penalty for "rejoining the track unsafely" and thus causing the crash was unwarranted.

Sainz was unwilling to talk about the incident in public, saying he wanted it to be dealt with behind closed doors at Toro Rosso.

"The worst scenario that can ever happen is the collision between teammates on the first lap of the race", said the Austrian.

"I didn't leave the track", he said.

The racing driver knows when he sees what happens to me that you're never going to be on the flawless line for Turn 12. So when you put yourself there, you know the collision is 90 per cent unavoidable.

Asked if he believed the stewards were punishing him in particular, he said: "I believe so". I believe had the other vehicle been anticipating it, it would have been trying to get me back on the next straight. You just put yourself there and say to your teammate "OK, you just crash into me", that's what I believe happened, and I completely disagree with the penalty. We should both feel responsible for what happened.

"I was narrowly within track limits, we believe the penalty was too harsh for what really happened". A drive-through is a drive-through, it's an extremely strong [punishment]. I saw stronger incidents and they punish five or 10 seconds in the pitstop.

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"I don't understand this, and it doesn't feel very nice", he admitted.

Pressed on how the incident would impact their relationship going forward, he said: "It's never been fantastic really, so I don't expect anything to change to be honest".

"I left him room at Turn 11 [Maggotts], and I expected him to collaborate with me also in Turn 12".

"I'm not going to give any opinion about it as I think it's something to keep internally and analyse internally", he said.

Asked whether the accident would sow further tension at Toro Rosso, Sainz - whose future has been subject to widespread speculation - added: "When there are situations out of your control, it's not like I'm going to be tense about it".

"We were battling, giving each other quite a lot of room, going into the fast corners, until one vehicle lost control and hit the other one", he said. "It is something that will be discussed inside the team and I don't want generate any polemic, because I think the team has enough with two cars crashing out in the first lap".

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