David Cameron warns Theresa May she needs 'a more inspiring vision'

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

David Cameron has urged Theresa May to recommit to the process of modernising the Conservative Party as he warned the Tories needed to set out a "more inspiring vision".

He added: "The reason I wanted to lead the Conservative Party back in 2005 was that I wanted us to be more than 'the economics party", more than just free marketeers with the rough edges knocked off.

Mr Cameron, who quit No 10 a year ago in the aftermath of referendum defeat and left parliament shortly after, said Tory defeats in London were "depressing".

"We on the centre right side of the argument have to have just as inspiring a vision, a more inspiring vision, of how you build not just a strong economy but a strong society and a better life", he told the newspaper.

"Modernisation isn't an event". A political party should be asking itself all the time, 'Am I properly in touch with and reflecting the society and the country?'

"I want us to go on being the open, liberal, tolerant party that we became post 2005, because I think that was part of our success".

The former prime minister said the Conservatives must not be seen as the anti-urban party, especially after losing seats to Labour in London in the June 8 snap election.

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When asked about Jeremy Corbyn's popularity, Mr Cameron said Britons had "forgotten" how "dangerous" a programme with nationalisation, "rampantly" high taxes and state control could be.

"You don't win the argument in favour of free enterprise, free markets, choice and liberal democracy and then pack up and go home". "You have to win the argument in every generation".

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Mr Cameron also joked that he would like to strap some of his former Cabinet ministers on a raft and send them down a "very, very risky river".

Mr Cameron also suggested he would like to strap some of his former Cabinet colleagues to a raft "crossing a very, very unsafe river".

Mr Cameron said he was halfway through writing his memoirs and was enjoying the process, even though it was "hard work".

He said he hoped they would be "a rip-roaring read".

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