Facebook plans to unveil cheaper wireless Oculus VR headset this year

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

Earlier this week, Oculus also announced to temporarily cut price of its Rift headset and Touch controllers to $399 for six weeks.

Bloomberg reported that the new Oculus VR headset will come with a $200 price tag and that Oculus will be working with Xiaomi to produce a wireless VR headset that will come in to sit below their current Rift but on top of the cheaper VR headset like the Samsung Gear VR.

It won't offer positional tracking, though, a feature found on Google's standalone Daydream VR headsets and, according to reports, Samsung's upcoming Exynos III.

The new device will be designed in a way that it need not be tethered to a PC or phone, unlike Facebook's previous VR gears.

Battered by the HTC Vive and Playstation VR, Facebook plans £150 Oculus VR headset, according to reports

At Oculus's developer conference past year, Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg described a "sweet spot" for a device that sits between the Gear VR and Rift.

Facebook's Oculus VR division plans to revolutionize the new device, and the tech company wants the new VR headset to be used daily just like smartphones. However, the new headset will be available next year and aims to make a new category for the virtual reality industry.

"We don't have a product to unveil at this time, however we can confirm we're making several significant technology investments in the standalone VR category", an Oculus spokesperson told Bloomberg in a statement. The company has billions to spend and could feasibly sell these new headsets at a huge loss just so they can build Facebook as the main VR platform and from there recoup the money through advertising. The VR headset's worldwide version is expected to come along with Oculus branding, while the Xiaomi branding will be implemented in China. "This is the kind of thing that we believe will exist", he said. Speculation is that a new version of the headset maybe on the way and Bloomberg are reporting exactly that.

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