Four MORE years of Merkel: German chancellor says she's going nowhere

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

Merkel, whose public appointments dry up this week before she goes on summer vacation, holds a lead over Schulz's SPD of 13-17 percentage points.

Mrs Merkel also used the interview to defend her record on migration.

"As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it", she said, saying that numbers could be reduced by regulation and taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.

The chancellor Angela Merkel is standing for election this Autumn and is the overwhelming favourite to win.

Merkel underlined her determination to run for a full four-year term in the September 24 election.

Schulz, a Social Democrat whose party has been Merkel's coalition partner for the past four years, pledged on Sunday to guarantee that surplus revenue would go toward spending on infrastructure if he wins the Chancellery on September 24.

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Mr Schulz said he would push Germany into a period of increased investments and renewed eurozone integration.

Presenting a 10-point plan for a modern Germany and a better Europe, Schulz told supporters in Berlin on Sunday (16 July) that he would compel the state to raise spending on infrastructure and education.

"But we have realized in the past few months that Europe is more than just bureaucracy and economic regulation, that Europe and living together in the European Union have something to do with war and peace, that the decades of peace after World War Two would have been completely unthinkable without the European Union", Merkel said to applause.

She said the violence the protesters carried out was "unacceptable". Riots broke out in the city, with scores of police officers injured and widespread political fallout. He had signaled in an interview that Germany must help resolve the imbalance by promoting domestic demand through increased spending.

"Germany is a great country".

The German leader made a similar argument three days ago in Paris after holding a joint cabinet meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, who had joined criticism of Germany's current-account surplus.

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