Garth Brooks offers free honeymoon after fans get engaged

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 17, 2017

Drew Bargsley and Chelsea Townsend were enjoying the Garth Brooks concert in Oklahoma City on Saturday night when Bargsley interrupted the show with an important question.

Brooks was playing at a show in Oklahoma City, and during the performance of "Unanswered Prayers", a man decided that was the ideal time to pop the question.

The singer stopped his performance when he saw the commotion around the newly engaged couple.

Bargsley says he's been planning the proposal for three months.

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Townsend revealed that she didn't know where she wanted to go yet. When she said she had no idea, Brooks offered to pay for their trip, as long as they picked Hawaii.

The crowd began to cheer loudly for the proposal and Brooks' generous honeymoon offer.

Trisha Yearwood, Brooks' wife, had a set during the concert and acknowledged the couple once again. "Congratulations!" She then jokingly said, "Nobody else can get engaged tonight!"

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