Google Maps now features traffic prediction to a destination

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

The nameless feature is rolling out to the Google Maps mobile app, and it lets you know how long your trip will take if you leave now, or in a few hours' time. Either way, it could help you to avoid a nasty traffic jam if you're traveling on unfamiliar roads.

Tech company Google has updated its Google Maps platform. This latest feature is an innovative update from point of view of its basic mapping technique.

This new feature appears to be live for all users, at least on the Android version of Google Maps.

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When you search for a particular destination and ask Google Maps for directions, the new feature will show you an information graph that depicts the duration of your journey depending on the time of the day. It is highlighted in green, yellow or red to indicate the traffic conditions.

Google Maps, which made its humble debut in February 2005, has vastly improved with each passing year and continues to get more value-added features (it has toilet locator in India) offering more personal options for the user. Apart from this drawback, it is a positive step to plan journey efficiently.

Google Maps is often considered a must have app in your phone with people navigating their way around streets using the iconic app.

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