HTC U11 gets Alexa Assistant

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

If you're thinking Google Assistant, it's already there but this time, HTC chose to add Alexa instead.

Amazon is also rumored to improve the far-field microphone features of the next Amazon Echo. The company announced that a record number of customers have signed up for Amazon Prime, the company's subscription service and also that 50% more subscribers shopped during this Prime Day sale.

To block someone you would like to stop being able to call or message you navigate to the Calling And Messaging menu in the Alexa app.

Amazon is working on an updated version of its Echo speaker which will primarily focus on audio quality, Engadget reports.

Unlike the Huawei Mate 9s implementation, HTC Alexa can use your location to find nearby places, unfortunately, it still wont tell you the weather in you actual location.

Once you activate it, Alexa on the U11 works precisely like it does on an Echo in your home.

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The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department reported, specifically, that when a man drew a gun on his wife in a home where an Amazon Echo was placed, he said to her, "Did you call the sheriffs?" and the Echo misinterpreted that as a command to call the sheriffs, who then showed up at the front door. Although the firm's Alexa is one of the most popular assistants on the market today, it is generally featured in its own products like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV, and more.

Though during the launch Alexa wasn't available but now a new update to Edge sense has brought Alexa to HTCU11.

Alexa can't do a lot of the things I want an assistant on my phone for: It's obvious to me that Alexa is still thought of by Amazon as an in-home assistant, not an on-the-go one. Alexa's specialties tended to be home control and third-party skills; Google was for setting timers and web searches. Amazon Echo, on the other hand, did quite well when it came to its speakers. Just remember, without Spacial Perception, its very cumbersome to use HTC Alexa around other Amazon Echo Speakers, so you'll want to disable the wake word option and maybe use the squeeze shortcut with Edge Sense. On the U11, Alexa will even listen you when the screen is off and the phone is locked.

HTC Alexa assistant will only be available after you update your Edge Sense.

The U11's Alexa feature is available from the Google Play Store for devices in the United States starting today and will come to the UK and Germany later this summer.

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