Josh Brolin on 'Deadpool 2': 'It's even funnier than the first one'

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 17, 2017

Fresh off his surprise appearance with the cast "Avengers: Infinity War" at the Disney, Marvel Studios & Lucasfilm- Live Action panel, Josh Brolin met with fans for a signing in front of his children - the Children of Thanos! For years now, he's played Thanos, the lingering villain behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two franchises don't interact, but the Merc With a Mouth breaks the fourth wall so much that it seemed nearly a given that he'd mention how the same dude is playing two characters, right?

In fact, it's because Deadpool 2 is so amusing that an initially hesitant Brolin took the part in the first place. Or at least, Cable won't bring it up (Ryan Reynolds may be a different story).

Does Cable talk about Thanos in new @deadpoolmovie? "My wife just said, 'read it, like why are you even thinking, just read it, ' and I read it and I laughed harder than I've laughed in a very long time", he said. Not yet. But again, I may.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2Ryan Reynolds Instagram
Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2Ryan Reynolds Instagram

"It's not that I don't break the fourth wall".

Brolin went on to say, "There's a lot of stuff going on in Deadpool and it's very surprising and it will be very satisfying when you see it", adding that he believes the sequel is "even funnier than the first one".

Revealing more about Deadpool 2's guarded script, the actor admitted that the sequel is funnier than the first one. Deadpool 2 directed by David Leitch, is set to arrive in theaters June 1, 2018 and also stars Julian Denison, Zazie Beetz as mercenary Domino and Leslie Uggams who is reprising her role as Blind Al.

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